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Apponyi Home is a boutique London-based multidisciplinary design studio creating contemporary, eclectic and liveable spaces. Apponyi Home advocates the importance of biophilic design and collaborates with ethical and where possible environmentally conscious specialists, suppliers, designers and organizations.

Referencing art, culture and nature and led by a modernist sensibility, we curate a restorative space with hand sourced artworks, contemporary designs and antiques bringing a unique identity to each space or product.

We draw on a love of texture, focus on natural materials and layered colour with the utmost appreciation of light, space, and proportion for a decidedly current feel. We believe in the benefits of incorporating biophilic design into the home environment and endeavour to include direct or indirect elements of nature for an enhanced sense of well-being. Our design aesthetic is relaxed chic with a focus on nature, suited to everyday sustainable living.

We are a small team that include designers and in-house builders enabling us to make bespoke furniture and offer a build service. With over 40 years combined experience across the arts, furniture design and construction industries, we have an excellent and varied network of trusted industry experts.

Alice Apponyi

Alice graduated with a B.A. from London design school Central Saint Martins. She has since lived in Los Angeles, London and Milan working in marketing, styling and design across the fashion, art and interior sectors as well as in film production. Before establishing her own studio, Alice freelanced as a fashion stylist and created her own handbag and jewellery line with her work being shown in various publications. After working for Burberry, Ciancimino art gallery and for an Italian furniture brand, Alice spent time in Italy focusing on interior and furniture design. Alice’s appreciation of materials and colour and inspiration gleaned from her love of travel and passion for nature are apparent in her work.

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